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5 Ways To Become More Extroverted

Every human has some aspect of being an introvert/extravert. While we might label ourselves as one or the other, we have all have tendencies that sit on both ends of the scale. Being an introvert can mean that you find certain social situations draining and need time alone to recharge.  You might prefer smaller groups and do better in a quieter environment.

If you see yourself as an introvert, you should not feel you need to change who you are to suit others. It might be something you wish to address if you feel that it’s holding you back from living a more fulfilling life. Especially in recent times, it’s likely people have experienced increasing awareness of feeling cut off from the world. Letting your extraverted nature come out can give you a huge boost of confidence, and develop a more carefree and relaxed attitude towards life. With that being said here are my 5 ways to become more extroverted.

Body language

An often-overlooked sign of being open to talking to people is in your body language. If the concept of approaching someone fills you with dread sometimes all it takes is good eye contact and a smile for someone to come over. This is a good stepping stone because it means you didn’t have to initiate the first interaction. After some time you may even become comfortable enough to initiate contact with someone! But it’s important at first to make small changes that feel achievable to you.

Challenge yourself to do something uncomfortable every day

We all know the only way to allow ourselves to grow is through stepping outside of our comfort zone. As an introvert, you may be very comfortable with the relationships you have and don’t engage very often with people outside of your circle.

If you are looking to build on your profile, you could start with having one new conversation per day. At the coffee shop, in the gym, with a colleague, etc. Make it something that would ordinarily make you uncomfortable. As you build on your practice, networking will come more naturally to you and your introverted tendencies can become less dominating.

Be present

As an introvert, you may find you spend a significant amount of time in your own thoughts and thinking about anything other than what you are doing right now! You can get caught up daydreaming and spend a lot of time removed from reality.

There are several things you can practice at home to improve your presence, such as breathwork and meditation. But in a social situation, simply by paying attention and actively listening, you are bringing yourself back to the moment. By being present in the company of others, you are showing interest and a desire to get to know them which gives the best possible foundation for forming a bond with the person.

Make an effort to really get to know people

Being a good listener is a great way to practice your communication skills. It might not define you as an extravert but if you are genuinely listening to someone it gives you the opportunity to ask thoughtful questions and provide more meaning to the conversation.

Spending time finding out what someone likes is also a good way to becoming a better conversationalist. You may also realise that you have similar interests and in which case the conversation can have better energy and more of a natural flow.

Put your phone away

A common reaction to a situation that makes us feel uncomfortable is to reach for our phones to provide us with some much-needed relief. And I’m sure it’s something we are all guilty of at some point – perhaps more than we might like to admit (!)  Generally, being on your phone sends a message that you are not interested or don’t want to be there. Try to make more of a conscious effort to keep your phone out of sight while you are socialising. It’s so refreshing to be in a social situation without everyone on their phones.

If you have thought about becoming more extroverted you might be surprised how much your world can open up by doing so. For me, as I have been working on becoming more extroverted I have found over time that I feel less fear towards socialising for large amounts of time. But I still very much enjoy having time to myself.

If you want to make changes in your life it doesn’t mean that you have to turn your whole world upside down. Being more extroverted doesn’t mean you have to be the center of attention or a social butterfly. It’s important to find balance and pay attention to ways of socialising that ultimately feel good for you.

Do you see yourself as more of an introvert/extrovert? Has the perception of yourself changed over time?


9 thoughts on “5 Ways To Become More Extroverted

  1. I am primarily an introvert but with the right people (or when alcohol is involved :D) I can be an extrovert. I actually don’t see the need to change who I am since I feel comfortable as I am. But I agree with you, some situations do warrant for you to be pushed out of your comfort zone and put yourself out there. Eg: Networking at your work place – being an introvert can be a real disadvantage then. Love all your recommendations! I usually use my phone as a defense mechanism to avoid conversations, but putting it down and forcing myself to be present helps!
    I also force myself to get out of my head and my thoughts and to just be comfortable in social situations. Even if it means sitting silently and enjoying other people’s conversations/stories.

    1. i am exactly the same, i think for every one there will always be a select number of people you feel more comfortable with! Thats such a good point, sometimes just being an observer to a conversation is enough in itself. Thank you 🙂

  2. i dont think that it is really important to be an extrovert. Each person is different. and its actually good if one finds happiness and fulfilment in solitude.There is nthng wrong about it.

    Its actually better to be an introvert in this world of selfish ppl!

    1. Totally agree, if you are happy with how your life is than that perfectly fine, there should be no reason to change. I was more alluding to how it might hinder you in making greater connections or feel that its setting you back from fulfilling your potential. Thank you for sharing your views!

      1. sure..i guess there are many ppl struglling to be extroverts.. coz as u said being an introvert might be a barrier for them!

  3. I’m both an introvert and an extrovert depending on who I am with, but lean more on the introverted side. Lately I’ve been trying to become more extroverted especially at work and also to make more friends, but never thought to look up how I can make it happen. Your post has some really great tips. Thank you for sharing.

    1. I am exactly the same, and trying to work on it also. It can be hard to know where to start but I’m glad you found the post helpful & thank you for reading!

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