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Coming Out Of Lockdown With Depression

As lockdown measures begin to lift, it can leave you feeling anxious about what to expect going back out into the world. Subsequently, it’s now more important than ever to make sure you are looking after yourself.

Focus on one day at a time

It’s easy to get carried away planning our futures. Especially when our lives have been halted for such a long time. I think everyone will be feeling pressure to go out and be seen to be doing as much possible to make up for lost time. This is a lot to keep up with when we have adjusted to a slower pace of life. Try to resist looking too far into the future and focus on what is happening right now. Plan some days in your calendar to spend time at home enjoying company with yourself and those closest to you. You can find my tips for developing healthy habits here.

One day at a time

Feel comfortable saying no

Feeling like you have to say yes to anything and everything because of what feels like so many missed opportunities. Take a moment to think about if you are doing this for yourself or others. And weigh up positive and negative aspects. You shouldn’t feel guilty for saying no to situations that make you uncomfortable. Being in lockdown has given us the time to properly get to know ourselves and figuring out what really works for us. People will respect you more for being honest and in turn, you are being more authentic to yourself.

Lockdown is a shared experience

There is so much power in knowing we are not alone. Our lives are all so unique but the pandemic has given the world a connection that has seized to exist in our lifetime and there is something oddly special in that. We have all been affected in different ways. There has been great suffering, but nevertheless, it has been a shared experience that draws us all closer together. We have developed a greater sense of community and looking out for others and being able to have more open conversations about our mental health is so empowering.


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