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Signs You Are Recovering From Depression

Sometimes it can feel like you are doing everything in your power to feel good. Trying to fight against the inner voices can be a tremendous struggle. Here are some signs which have helped me interpret I’m going in the right direction towards healing from depression.

Take a mental check on your symptoms

Often symptoms are unique to every individual. You may already be familiar with the ways in which depression has executed control over your daily life. It might be that you have noticed an increase in energy or appetite. If you are unsure of your symptoms I would recommend talking to your GP as a first step. Also, it could be helpful to keep a journal and reflect on your observations on a weekly basis. For example, you might question; do you feel less reactive to negativity from situations that would have triggered you in the past?

Getting out of bed is less of a struggle

Has getting out of bed in the morning become something you have started to accept and even look forward to? You no longer dread the day ahead and can find joy in small activities. Even if these fall few and far between. It may be that you are able to start exercising again or cook yourself a delicious homemade meal. However small the win may seem, they hold the key to restoring stability and a sense of routine. We can rise-up by acknowledging and celebrating these precious moments. It is a blessing to be acutely aware of the beauty of our lives, especially when the light has previously seemed so out of reach.

You are accepting of your emotions

We can often unconsciously try to supress our emotions and fight the feelings of depression in the hope they will go away. In the long run it only makes life more difficult and a greater struggle. In truth, when we block off our minds from depression we are also creating a blocker for joy and happiness. I noticed a shift when I started accepting my feelings and in allowing myself to feel them fully, it would dissipate much faster.

You are slowly able to separate from depression

Our minds trick us to believe that depression is part of our being and very existence. That our lives would simply not exist without these feelings that have come to take over our lives. If you have read The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, you will be familiar with the concept that we are not our minds. We are true to ourselves in this very moment where depression does not exist. Happiness is our natural state and everyone deserves to free from their minds.  

Personal hygiene and self care has regained importance  

During darker times, simple tasks such as brushing your teeth and taking a shower can feel like an impossible mission. Notice the light in being able to establish a self care routine no matter how minimal that may be to start with. Focus your attention on how good it feels to prioritise yourself and embrace the positive energy you are feeling and it will multiply.

For anyone that has struggled with depression, I hope you are able find this insightful in some way. I would love for you to check out some of my other posts here.


9 thoughts on “Signs You Are Recovering From Depression

  1. Keeping a journal is so helpful. With it you can monitor your progress such as how your thinking patterns and feelings are changing. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Am learning to separate myself from my thoughts, as woo-woo as that sounds. And as Sheri above had said, keeping a journal is amazing for mental health. Anyway, thanks for this post!

  3. I like this, everything you said including keeping a journal, ve gone through those stages…and I can see my progress. Until now I keep a journal , its like someone I need to talk to. Thank you for sharing. Im loving your blog.

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