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Tips for Picking Yourself Up

Today is one of those days when all things feel like a huge undertaking and take up a great deal of emotional energy. I’m striving to take more time to reflect on all the good in my life even when it seems to be outweighed by the bad. Paying close attention to the things I know will make me feel good. Some tools I use are less common practices so I felt inclined to share whats been working for me.

I used to suffer daily with deep depressive episodes but through an extensive amount of self work over the last year these are far less frequent. I hope these give you some inspiration on how you can pick yourself up during hard times.

1. Write a letter to your future self

If you practice writing frequently then it will come as quite a natural exercise to write a letter to your future self. Take a moment to think about your life and the things you have overcome and have to look forward to in the future. If there are any goals you have set yourself this is a great way of honing in on those too.

I highly recommend using Future Me. You can write a letter to yourself online, enter your email address and choose the timeframe which you want to receive it back. It’s such a reflective process and really allows you to see how far you have come in 6 months, 1 year etc.


2. Affirmations

It’s something many are turning to in current times, and with good reason. You can adapt them to suit whichever situation you are facing. Even just repeating them to yourself 10x over it brings over a renewed sense of energy. Its surprsinging how such a simple act can play such a distinct role in picking yourself up. Affirmations to help lift depression could look like:
I am free
I fill myself up with positive energy  
I choose joy and happiness everyday  

3. Wear your favourite things

When your life feels like it has little meaning there is great sentiment to be found in putting on some of your favourite items. It will help trigger an emotional response you might be lacking and allow you to reconnect with your senses. For me, I know when I put on my favourite jeans I feel more put together. It could be your favourite shirt, perfume or comfies. Whatever makes you feel most like yourself.

4. Listen to a podcast

For me this is a really affective way of tuning out the negative. Putting earphones in on loud volume cancels out the negative chatter. Also, If I am able to listen to something that will teach me a new skill I feel a deeper sense of purpose. I like to think of it as something that my future self will thank me for. Instead of scrolling on my phone but using my time more efficiently. Some of my favourites include Tim Ferris & Lewis Howes but you can listen to anything that interests you.

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5. Have a dance

I find the most powerful thing I can do when the previous practices haven’t worked is to start dancing. I find a feel good playlist on Spotify or YouTube or a 5 minute dance routine and just let myself go. The neighbours must think I’m crazy but hey it works every time! Having fun is so crucial and I instantly feel less heavy. Who knew picking yourself up could be so easy.


6. Focus on the moment

All the things that are making you feel down right now simply don’t exist in this very moment. The discomfort you are feeling is temporary. Whether you are pondering on that mistake you made yesterday or what’s happening next week the moment hasn’t arrived yet. Focus on whats happening right now and take each day as it comes. Celebrating all the small things you achieve every day.

Everyone has days where they feel unmotivated and unfulfilled by life. The more time spent finding tools to promote your mental the better equipped you will be when the bad days do come around. Getting through the day needn’t always be hard. Whatever you are dealing with you will figure out a solution. You will be glad for the experience and the life lesson it has taught you.

What are some of the things you practise to help you get through the day?


7 thoughts on “Tips for Picking Yourself Up

  1. People really don’t give enough credit to it – but dressing up and putting on some make-up can make me you feel so good. I also like taking photos of myself – just posing, laughing – makes me feel so much better.

    Really love the post and the suggestions – definitely going to try the dance one! Sounds like a good idea.

  2. I never gave much thought to how what I wear affects my mood but now I do realize that I feel differently when wearing different clothes. Will try this.
    Currently my best way to pick myself up when feeling down is listening to music and dancing. I got a Spotify playlist of my favorite songs for such times. I feel sorry for my neighbors😂

    1. Yeah it really does like I know the days I wear sweats I don’t feel my best so try to switch it up! Haha I love that sometimes it’s just what you have to do 😂

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