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Why Being Sensitive Is A Great Asset

Typically, being sensitive is defined by how much you are affected by any given experience. It is common in today’s society to perceive sensitivity as a weakness. Throughout my life I have been labeled by others as being overly sensitive and that I need to toughen up or not take things so personally.  In hindsight, they weren’t wrong. I would often cry at the slightest bit of distress and then wonder why I felt so overwhelmed by life. Nowadays I am a lot more resilient but being sensitive is still very much a part of who I am.

I no longer fight against being sensitive or try to change myself to please others. In this post, I want to challenge the misconceptions about being a sensitive person and give reasons for why being sensitive is a great asset.

You Have An Awareness And Appreciation For All Things

Through being sensitive you absorb a great deal of what’s going on around you. You pay close attention to the finer details and have an innate ability to see beauty in all things. Your heart can fill up and burst with warmth over the simplest of pleasures. Maybe it was a movie that touched your heart with a beautiful message or you stumbled upon a bird nesting in a tree with her young. There is a deep appreciation for moments where life is in the purest form.

In the eyes of a sensitive person, everyone is equal. You are not scathed by the shortcomings of others but choose to see the good in all people. By choosing to treat everyone you encounter with kindness, you resonate at a higher level and avoid conflict and drama with ease.

beauty in all things

With sensitivity comes empathy

You have no trouble putting yourself into another person’s shoes and feel a strong sense of compassion for whatever they are going through. As a sensitive person, you are acutely aware of the feelings and emotions of others which makes for a great listener and confidant. The conversation can flow without opinion or judgment. This is such an underrated quality and can be overlooked as so frequently are people fighting to get their point across without actively listening or showing support.

For this reason, it is likely a sensitive person will form deeper connections and have more profound interactions and relationships with those around them. Something which many spend a lifetime yearning for.

Self love and care

It is often the case that by being sensitive you can become overstimulated by large crowds, noise, toxic energy, etc. If you have been a sensitive person for some time, you will undoubtedly develop some strategies to cope and prevent exhaustion. While this can be difficult to overcome it provides a foundation for getting to know yourself and determine your likes and dislikes. Making you better equipped for spending your time and energy in the future. It might be that you benefit from frequent downtime while sometimes all it takes is a good cry to release any built-up unwanted energy.

Ability to reflect deeply

Being sensitive you spend a lot of time thinking about the past present and future. How your behaviour and decisions have shaped who you are today and how you can be better in the future. This is not something many do in a lifetime because they are so detached from their feelings. But through being in tune with yourself ignites your personal growth and spark for curiosity. In turn, the world opens up to you in unthinkable ways. cementing a strong desire to find purpose. You work hard to ensure you are living your life to the fullest.


Trusting your gut feelings

I’m sure you know what’s coming. All the times when something about someone or a situation just doesn’t feel quite right in your gut. Your gut and intuition are rarely wrong. Being in touch with your senses means you can swerve potential mishaps but also encourage you to latch onto new opportunities and experiences which someone less sensitised might not be receptive to.

I hope this post can give you the courage to embrace your sensitive side. When someone projects onto you that there is something wrong with a part of your character it is merely a reflection of their own discomfort or dissatisfaction for life. It is so important for people to realise that sensitivity is your superpower.

Do you see yourself as a sensitive person? Has there been a time where being sensitive has benefited you?

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  1. I usually feel things so deeply, whether sadness or happiness. Simple things make me so emotional. But no matter what anyone says I’d never consider being sensitive a weakness, instead I like to think it let’s me experience life fully.

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