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Why Depression Is Good For You & Can Help Achieve balance

Depression can often show up when you feel dissatisfied with life and are faced with the truth of your reality. Trying to shift perspective and create more positive feelings towards depression can be helpful.  Building a better relationship with yourself and being in touch with your emotions relegates depression from being the enemy. Life is about achieving a sense of balance and while there is extreme suffering and deprivation in dealing with depression I want to bring in focus on how it may have impacted your life positively.

Your body is giving you a sign that something in your life is out of balance

There may have been an event or circumstance in your life that has caused significant stress or trauma which could surface into depression if left untreated. There is a book by Bessel van der Kolk called The Body Keeps The Score – which captures this analogy perfectly. No matter what occurs in your life eventually you will not be able to escape it. Our bodies are miracles in being able to detect when energy does not match our natural state of joy and happiness. Forcing us to take action for change. The key is in being able to recognise when something is off. Then having tools in place to help you get back on track.

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You are more in touch with your emotions

For some, it is normal to through life neglecting or being detached from their feelings or emotions. Having experienced depression you become acutely aware of patterns in how you are feeling. Over time this can make it easier to spot certain triggers and hone in on preventative measures you can take. Pinpointing the cause and saying no to certain situations to prevent your mental health is extremely powerful. Also in being honest with yourself you help encourage others to do the same. Breaking down the barriers to sharing how we feel one person at a time.

You learn how to cope

Depression is a journey and the first step in recognising its existence is getting help. This could be defined in several ways whether through medication, reaching out to family, friends or a support helpline. Stepping over the first hurdle is extremely brave and courageous and you will find strength in reaching out and not trying to face your hardships alone. Personally, I have also found prioritising self-care fundamental in shifting my thoughts away from negativity. A good night’s sleep is extremely underrated for being able to face the day with the best intentions.


You have a greater level of compassion

Being deeply in touch with your own emotions creates a pathway for empathy and compassion towards others. This is something that others who haven’t experience depression may not be as receptive to. To be generous in giving love and kindness helps to open your heart to others and what they could be going through. Countless people have reported that their depression is lifted when they reach out to others. And how they can be of service to them. I challenge you to think about how you can implement a small act of kindness into your day. You never know when someone else may need it the most.  

Being kind to yourself and finding balance is not an easy task for anyone. To be dealing with depression you are becoming stronger and more resilient each day. Even when your world feels like it’s falling apart, it’s usually the time when things start looking up again. Hang in there!


3 thoughts on “Why Depression Is Good For You & Can Help Achieve balance

  1. I have never thought of depression in a positive light before. I totally agree with all your points and especially the last one. It can be easier to help others because you’ve been in the same situation. You know what not to say and what you wish someone had told you. Thank you for sharing this.

    1. I think it’s vital to not punish ourselves for what we are going through as it only leaves us feeling worse and with little hope for the future! I’m glad you found it helpful Sheri!

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