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Why Striving To Find Your Passion Is Bad Advice

Whether you have just finished university and don’t know what path to take or are deep into a career and too afraid to make a change. Regardless of your situation, striving to find your passion can be a difficult process, for some a life-long mission. It’s a common misconception that from an early age we know what we are passionate about and how we will dedicate the rest of our lives to pursuing it.

If you don’t know what your passion is, it can leave you feeling like you are failing at life. Falling into the trap of comparison and looking for answers outside of ourselves. For some it can seem like passion is so effortless and everything seems to fall into place. But what if you don’t know what your passion is yet, where does that leave you?

There is no shortage of information on the internet that promises to help us find our passion.

You can even take quizzes to assess what career you should have based upon your likes, interests and hobbies. For my own curiosity I took the Clarity on Fire passion quiz and my results came back as a firecracker!? According to Clarity on Fire I am intrinsically motivated and ready to be my own boss. And while this is not wholly inaccurate I am not really any closer to uncovering what my true passion is. If not taken lightly these quizzes can leave us feeling even further out of touch with ourselves. As normally when we go in search of answers on the internet we take what we read literally and mould it to fit our own lives accordingly.

It is arguable that the media is largely responsible for why so many people feel like their lives are lacking in passion. They showcase stories of people in mass that have found unrivalled success in pursuing their passion and following their dreams. We are led to think that something is missing from our lives and that we should be doing more. It also creates a misconception that people wake up one day, know what they love and make a huge success out of it. That passion just lands on their lap and away they go. When in reality, passion is something you have to find and feel for yourself.

Having sources of inspiration around us can help us write our own story of success

But in trying to emulate someone else’s journey in its entirety it could lead to disappointment. That could be because the steps don’t initiate the same results. Or you have got so caught up in how things should be rather than letting it happen naturally. You can still use the wisdom and knowledge of those that inspire you but remember that your own path is completely unique and should be done on your own timeline.


Typically, a passion starts off as something you like and overtime with continued practise and patience becomes a passion. This can require a lot of time and effort and being human its natural that if something doesn’t scream fun or grant instant success we tend to give up. When we study the people we look up to the most, their lives can seem so perfect and fulfilling. Rarely are we shown all the mundane tasks and things in between. We get the impression that they are living an easy life and their business just runs itself. But its important to remember there are boring parts to every job and there is bound to be some elements that you don’t enjoy. But that should never be a reason to give up.

Ultimately, having something that you are passionate about is greatly aligned with your perspective. Overtime you can find your passion for something by putting positive energy and purpose into the things that interest you.

Things to remember when searching for your passion:

  • Its possible to have your work and passions exist separately
  • Work can be satisfying and rewarding without being a passion
  • Your passion doesn’t have to impress others  
  • The things you are passionate about can change
  • If you don’t know what your passion is put time and effort into something you like and see where it takes you

What are your thoughts on striving to find your passion? Have you found yours?

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4 thoughts on “Why Striving To Find Your Passion Is Bad Advice

  1. I have found my passion, but can’t make money or a career out of it yet so I still have to have a ‘real’ job to earn an income. Following our passion is not as easy as people usually put it.

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